Morphe 35O&35F pallets

If you have not purchased a pallet from Morphe, where have you been??  The eyeshadows from this brand are so buttery and creamy. They blend out like perfection and the pigmentation is insane. The best part about this brand is that they are so affordable! I own a couple brushes from them too and they are definitely a staple piece in my collection. These 2 pallets I am showing you today are the 35o and 35F. These are the 2 pallets I own from them and they have definitely made it in my top 4 favorite eyeshadow pallets I own. You can create any look from dark and smokey to light and neutral. 

These pallets are also so perfect during the fall time I mean look at those colors! 35o just screams fall to me lol. I have nothing but great things to say about this brand I can go on and on!






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