3 Affordable Outfits For Thanksgiving

Who else is in complete denial that Thanksgiving is already on Thursday?? This year has literally flown by it is insane! But besides all of that I wanted to put together and show you guys a couple of last minute outfits for a Thanksgiving dinner or what ever you decide to do that day! The best part is that they are all so affordable which is what I like to go for when I am picking out outfits or even when I am shopping. I like to find cute looks that do not have to cost a ton of money. Every single clothing item that I am wearing is from my favorite place,  FOREVER21.  They are my go to I can’t help it lol. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets to spend it with friends and family. It is a day to give thanks to all your loved ones. Cherish every moment you get and always be grateful. 


Outfit 1

Denim Jacket//Forever21 $32.99

Top//Forever21+ $10.90

Jeans//Forever21+ $19.90

Booties//Forever21 $39.90

Hat//Forever21 $22.90

Printed Scarf//Forever21$5.90

Outfit 2

Top//Forever21 $12.99

Leather Jacket//Forever21+ $29.90

Jeans//Forever21+ $19.90

Boots//Target $59.99

Outfit 3

Jean Dress//Forever21 $19.90

Top//Forever21 $9.90

Boots//Target $59.99

Socks//Forever21 $5.90


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