Since Winter has officially begun for us I thought sharing my Winter Essentials for you all was the perfect timing! Its a little cooler all the Christmas decorations filling our homes getting all cozy and such these are my go-to things I love during this time of year. We all love a good Christmas film some fuzzy socks, a beanie,a cute warm scarf, warm tea or hot chocolate if you prefer. A nice cozy blanket to keep you even more warm. I also threw in a polaroid camera because they capture some keep sake memories! I love a big chunky sweater or cardigan around this time of year. Its a statement piece in my wardrobe. Some Christmas music is like a must. I may or may not have started listening to it at the end of November lol my friends didn’t like it very much but it gets you in the spirit!! I do have a spotify and I have a Christmas playlist that has been on repeat. And then how can we forget an all time must have,  A Bath and Body works candle! Especially a Christmas one Duh!! I want to know whoever is reading this what your Winter Essentials are in the comments below! Hope you enjoy this short little post and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!





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