A day in LA

A day in LA. One of my close friends and I always enjoy taking a day to drive down to LA. We love exploring, finding cool “Instagram worthy” walls, going to cute little food/coffee places and just driving around. Not going to lie we do hope to run into our favorite celebrities, if we get lucky lol. We are so fortunate to live in California because it only takes us about an hour to drive here from where we live. Literal tourist in our own county haha. On this day we went I’m just showing the places we ended up at. But I want to do future posts of all the places I like to visit and also a post on some of the “popular” LA walls and where to find them. So if you want to see that make sure you’re subscribed to my blog so you are notified when I do!! 

Enjoy XO

First stop was Malibu. If any of you are down here you have to hit up a little place called “Cafe Habana” they have such delicious food and the people are so nice! After that we drove down PCH and went to the beach. The little hike was kind of hard lol but after you get past that the view is just amazing. 

Next destination was Melrose District. Over here is where you can find the cool art on the buildings and even on the ground! Everywhere you look there are people doing the same thing and taking pictures for their Instagram, so you don’t really have to feel awkward standing there posing cause everyone does it! Haha 

We then continued to drive around. Stopped at a cute yogurt place called “Go Greek” in Beverly Hills which was soo good. Yes we spend most of the time in the car and in traffic but hey thats LA for you right? 







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  1. Valerie Willis
    June 19, 2017 / 2:49 pm

    Can’t wait to see more cool spots you visit!!

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