Band tee style pt. 2

Hello!! Yes I am back with yet another band tee little look book today. I honestly own a lot of band t-shirts and this is how I like to style them most of the time. I really get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and then I put the outfits together with what is comfortable for me! Whether I listen to the band or not I still love to wear them, I don’t care lol. So my little brother was the one who took my pictures for this post! He did such a great job, so shout out to you Travis!! lol.  My mom is usually behind the camera, but he has taken a liking to photography so I asked him if he would take some blog pictures for me. I hope you all enjoy this Pt. 2 of my band tee style looks, I will definitely have more coming in the future! And let me know which one was your favorite!


I will try and link as many pieces as I can find, but I have had a lot of these pieces for while.

Look 1

Top// H&M

Jacket// Forever21

Pants// Forever21+

Shoes// Vans

My black jeans are definitely a staple in my wardrobe if you haven’t noticed lol. And I finally bought myself a pair of checkered slip ons. My Ramones tee is so comfy and loose, this is for sure my type of go to outfit if Im out and about running errands or something. I just threw on my oversized jean jacket with it and I’m good to go.

Look 2

Top// H&M (similar)

Jeans// Forever21+

Sandals// Kohls

Glasses// H&M

Now I will say I don’t wear those glasses all the time but how cool do they look?! I know I am so basic but hey I love it lol. Guns and Roses are actually one of my favorite bands so of course I had to buy the shirt when I saw it. I decided to wear sandals with this one because… well who doesn’t love a good pair?? It makes the outfit look a tad bit more dressy. 

Look 3

Top// Windsor

Shorts// Forever21+ (similar)

Sweater// Forever21

Boots// Nordstrom

This look is a little more dressed up but still casual and comfortable. Im not one to wear shorts all the time because I am self conscious with my legs, but I was like you know what who cares! Its so hot here in California right now and I cant just live in my jeans all the time lol. And honestly they’re the only jean shorts I own. The shirt is light weight and Def Leopard is another band I like thanks to my mom lol she L O V E S them. 

I thought adding in a few pictures of my little brother would be fun haha. He’s the other stylish one in our family! And like I said before he’s the one who took all these pictures for me for this post. Plus I told him I would feature a look of his. I think Im going to make him be in more blog posts more often.😉

Travis’ Look

Jacket// Thrifted

Shirt// Target

Pants// H&M (similar)

Shoes// Converse

Glasses// Ray Bans



  1. Valerie Willis July 25, 2017 / 11:17 am

    Seeing my children collaborate is heartwarming!! Love to see you doing what you love to do!! Great job can’t wait to see more! Love You!!

  2. Sylvia Nguyen July 25, 2017 / 11:36 am

    This is my favorite post of yours so far! Love love love this collaboration with the two of you, you look amazing. Keep up the amazing work, I’m so proud of you Gorgeous!! Xoxo

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