“Famous” Instagram LA walls

So if you don’t already know there are some walls in LA that are very well known for taking pictures with for that perfect Instagram post, and I am one of those basic people who have done it! I mean it makes you look “cool” and “trendy”…kinda lol. Every time I go up to LA I always see TONS of people doing it. So it doesn’t really make you feel awkward which I love because I do get shy sometimes, taking a picture in public. Im not some model who knows what they’re doing while posing for a picture. Im an awkward bean haha. But it’s cool to not feel judged while going to these spots. I only share a few places I have been to but I know there are hundreds of other A R T  around in LA. I’ll share where they are too so if you ever go up there you can check it out!

The Paul Smith store aka the “Pink Wall”

This spot is located on MELROSE. I think this is the most popular one because every time I go here there is always so many people! It is actually a real store to. Very expensive but hey its LA haha. Its a pink wall I mean there really isn’t much to say about it besides the fact that its PINK and cute. 

“Made In LA” wall

Not really made in LA but again its a cool! This wall is also on MELROSE, I think its really close to the pink wall. Honestly if you just type in “Made in LA wall” on your MAPS on your phone it literally pops up which I think is so funny. This spot was a little less crowded. Even though it is a very popular spot I think people tend to forget about it but Im okay with that! Lol


The VERY popular LA wings. Im pretty sure these are in every part of LA. The artist Colette Miller is the one behind all of them. They are so cool and before I started taking trips to LA they were the main thing I always saw on Instagram or Tumblr. So of course I had to get my picture with one of them haha.

All White Brick wall and Leaf walls



I know it sounds silly and Im 100% positive you can find spots like this anywhere but for some reason I only take pictures in front of one of these areas when I’m in LA! Don’t ask why I know I’m weird but whatever haha. I just really like the way they look! Im very grateful to have friends that will take a day to come down to LA with me and do these kinds of things. Idk I just think its fun and if I’m getting “Instagram worthy” pictures out of it then its a win! Plus its fun to show it in a BLOG post for you guys! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! 



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