Vlogmas Day 2

Vlogmas Day 2 is now up on my youtube channel!! It’s a chill one, all I did was go to work and then came home lol but my best friend came back in town!! We were all suppose to be getting the Christmas tree but that didn’t end up happening ): So we decided to do what we usually do.. went to TARGET. You might be seeing a lot of target runs in these vlogs because thats what we like to do when we have no other plans and I mean who doesn’t love target?? Lol. The rest of the night I just came home and hung out with my mom and thats pretty much it! I promise I have more stuff planned in future videos!! I want to make these vlogs fun! But I explain how most of them will be of me just going to work lol. I will force myself to go out and do stuff! Lol. Alright enjoy Day 2!↓↓


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