Vlogmas Days 3&4

Helloooo! Okay so I have decided since I don’t think i’ll have enough footage for a vlog every single day that I’m just going to combine some days. Now I won’t do it for all of them but just the days I know i’ll be at work all day and can’t vlog. So thats what todays is about!! In day 3 I hung out with some friends in LA. That was a lot of fun, I didn’t vlog when I was actually there but none the less I had a great time lol. And then the next day I was just hanging out with my mom and then of course my girl court came around and we all went Christmas decor shopping. Can never have too many decorations for Christmas right?? Lol. It was fun. So yeah that is pretty much all I have for these ones. Enjoy!!↓↓


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