Vlogmas Day 8

Woohoo Vlogmas Day 8 is now live! DISNEYLAND. I have mentioned it about a million times but guys Christmas time at disney??? BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. By the time we got to disneyland it was already dark outside, gotta love daylight savings!! But I tried my best to get a lot of footage for you guys. May not be the best but I TRIED. Also I know I skipped over day 7 but in my last vlog I mentioned how I won’t be vlogging that day so that is why there is no day 7. I know how to count I swear lol. I put a lot of damn effort into this vlog so I hope you like it! Now I know why “Youtubers” don’t go to bed until like 2 in the morning lol. Okay Im done rambling here is DAY 8↓↓


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