Valentine’s Day inspiration outfit 🌹| 2 looks

Hi guys! Okay so I know I had said I had more posts coming this month and trust me I wanted to do more than 1 for valentines day but the flu got to me and I was out since the beginning of the month): This is literally the first time since then that I actually felt like putting on makeup and really getting ready! So forgive me! I wanted to put at least something up for Valentines Day so of course I did an outfit inspiration that was literally last minute ideas. One of them is a more casual and the other one is a little more dressy, but I utilized 1 pair of shoes! Brought out the burgundy booties because duh red and velvet? Perfect for Valentines! This is proof that if you really have no idea what to wear the night before you can always come up with something! Im definitely a last minute person anyways. Now I’m most likely not going out for valentines day (#singlelife), but fashion is my favorite when it comes to doing something for my blog. I hope everyone has a wonderful day with loved ones! I have another post coming soon before the month is over so be on the look out for that! I’ll give you a hint, my birthday (; lol love you guys and enjoy!


Look 1🌹

Top | Shop Lux

Pants | Forever21

Booties | Forever21




Look 2🌹

Top | Forever21

Sweater | Forever21

Pants | Forever21+

Booties | Forever21

Belt | Target


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  1. Valerie Willis
    February 13, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Love it!! Love You!! Love your work and dedication to your BLOG!

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