How I edit my pictures (for beginners)

Long time no see guys! I know I say this a lot but yes I know its been awhile… How is everyone doing??? I hate leaving my blog for so long, I was always so busy with work and stuff but now I have a little more time on my hands with my new place so I am determined to keep posting more!! Okay anyways this isn’t what todays post is about. I want to share how I edit my pictures for Instagram and for my pictures on here! It took me awhile to finally figure out how to have a “theme” for my instagram page. Believe it or not I actually put a lot of time and effort on it lol. It’s still not at a point where I want it but as for now I’m happy with it. Im going to share not only what I use but what inspires me and how I go about choosing where to shoot. It’s honestly really easy once you understand it all, it just takes time and effort like anything else in the world right!? Lol okay lets get to it!


Step 1: What I use

Okay so the app that I use to edit my pictures is an app called V S C O. It’s a very popular app to use on an iPhone or android (I think?). If you like taking pictures then this is definitely something you should have. You can buy presets on there and you just have to play around with them and see which one you prefer for your pictures. When you download the app it already has presets in there that are free so you can play with those instead of buying some.


Step 2: Inspiration


My most used app for inspiration is P I N T E R E S T. As you know I can spend hours on there lol. But when I started really getting into actually editing my pictures and wanting to make my instagram looking cute and pleasing I started going to Pinterest for my inspo. I have a board on my Pinterest page where I save all kinds of VSCO edits. So if you want to follow me on there (Danielle Willis) you can see that!!The cool thing about those boards too is it shows you exactly how to saturate your picture. How much to use for exposure. So many tips and tricks. I usually use the ones they show on there but I will go in and mess around with the settings myself until I’m happy with it. But it does help if you have no idea what you’re doing because it shows exactly what numbers to put each setting.


Step 3: Picking location

So again for picking where I want to take pictures I just look on pinterest or on instagram. Usually I’ll just spot out a cute wall and go pose in front of it lol. But there are times where I’m like okay, I want to go to a certain location for a photoshoot. I think finding a nice scenery/background for pictures is important. You not only want to look cute for peoples attention but you also want whats around you looking chic and cool to. It will make the picture look 10x more pleasing to the eye. Well in my opinion. Here are a few examples of where I typically like to take pictures at. I hope this was helpful! 

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