WOOOOOOW okay I swear this is how I start all of my post but omg forgive me for abandoning you! I have missed this so much but I promise promise promise I will be back like how it use to be! But maybe better? Idk lol. But I’m here and alive I haven’t forgotten! Anyways I wanted to come back on here with my SKIN CARE routine(ish). These are products that I use in my everyday and night routine. The products that are good for MY type of skin. Which is oily/dry, but mostly oily lol. It took me awhile to find some good products that don’t irritate my skin because I do have sensitive skin. So I am very careful when it comes to shopping with skin care products. And I have found, as you will see, that most of the products are very affordable. I will say tho if you want to invest in some good products, skin care will be my number 1 choice but for now the ones I use work for me and I’m ok with that. If I’m saving money then I’m happy lol. Ahh okay well enjoy todays post and I will see you very very soon!



Morning routine 

As you can see I keep it very very simple in the morning. I try to use as less products as I can. When I get out of the shower I use my C E T A P H I L  C L E A N S E R  which is gentle on the skin but will still take off all the excess oils and dirt in your skin. Once I rinse with cool water and towel dry my face I prep with my M A R I O  B A D E S C U spray. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I don’t think I can go a day without using it lol. I personally have seen a difference in my skin since I have used it. The rosewater and aloe are great for your skin. They give you a nice healthy looking glow and is just very refreshing. My moisturizer from  F O R M U L A  10 is kind of a new product in my collection but I also LOVE it. It soaks into your skin fast and makes you actually feel moisturized. What I also love about it is it has SPF 15 in it, which I know isn’t a lot but for my fair skin I try and always use something with SPF. It doesn’t leave a white cast or anything under your makeup which is a plus right? So these are the products I use every morning before I put on makeup.



Night Routine 

These are my holy grails for my night time skin routine. So I have discovered K I E H L S is my favorite skin care line. Their products are so gentle but yet work AMAZING on your skin. The ultra facial cleanser is great I love it for taking off my makeup. I also love the deep cleanser (which I don’t have pictured) but I do use that one once in awhile when I feel like I really need it. After cleansing I go in with my toner. I will say I don’t use toner every single night but whenever I feel like I need it or want to lol. Then I go in with my other new favorite R O S E H I P  O I L . Wow do you need to add this to your skin care. I am oily but this does not make me feel more oily. Idk there is something about it thats very hydrating and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels plump! Its crazy. I will go in with it sometimes before I put on makeup to. Its an amazing product! After that I go in with my N E U T R O G E N A moisturizer. I love using this one at night because its a gel consistency so it soaks into the skin quick and won’t clog pores. And after all of that I go in with my drying lotion on spots that pop up on my face lol. You ever get that feeling of a pimple coming and you’re like shit! If you use the drying lotion over it then in like 3 days its gone! I absolutely love this product! M A R I O  B A D E S C U is another skin care line I love.




Im also sharing my lazy skin care routine and the masks I love to use when I’m feeling like pampering my skin a little more lol. The only thing different in the first picture is the makeup wipes. I can’t be the only one who has those days where you just ant be bothered taking off your makeup at the end of the night so you go In with a makeup wipe and call it a night!! Becaaaause I sure have those nights lol. The S I M P L E  micellar water makeup wipes will always be a go to. Very gentle on the skin (always) and they don’t burn my eyes or leave a weird residue. But when I’m not lazy and want to take an EXTRA step in my skincare I love face masks. These ones shown above are form L U S H. I use the Just to Clarify one for when I feel like the texture on my skin is at  a high. And then I use the Mask of Magnaminty when I want to deep cleanse my skin, plus it has a minty/cooling feeling and to me thats relaxing lol. Last but not least my number 1 rule H Y D R A T E!!!!! Drinking water every single day I swear can and will make a difference! Not just for your skin but your body as a whole. Water is like a god lol. You need to make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. I usually always fill up a tumblr like my starbucks one and continue filling it throughout the day. It literally reminds me to drink water and its cute so its a win win.



Enjoy a little quote I love💕





In todays post I wanted to share my current beauty favorites for summer time. The products I have been reaching for the most on a day to day basis. In a post awhile back I posted my “Everyday go to makeup” and most of the products then are still the same now mainly because I am a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup lol. But there are new ones that I have discovered, aka my favorite beauty blogger raved about them and I had to try, luckily enough they are products that work great for my skin type & don’t break me out! Also I haven’t really been a foundation, BB/CC cream person so that is why I don’t mention one. Concealer and powder type of gal haha. During summer time I try and go for a natural type of look anyways so actually replacing your foundation with a full coverage concealer is a great way to still even out your skin tone making it look like you tried harder than you really did!

Before I start anything I like to prep my skin. Here are my holy grails at the moment.

Mario Badescu facial spray

I have noticed a difference in my skin and the way my makeup applys when I use this product. It has Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater infused which are great for your skin. After I wash my face I spray this before applying moisturizer and it hydrates my skin. I sometimes use it after applying my powders to give a glow to my face.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost ( Extra Dry Skin )

I have used this moisturizer for over a year now and my skin still loves it. It is a gel moisturizer so it doesn’t clog your pores and sinks into your skin quicker. I really try to use cruelty-free products but I have really sensitive skin and I have yet to find a moisturizer that doesn’t break me out.

Urban Decay setting spray ( All Nighter )

Urban Decay has so many setting sprays but the all nighter one is definitely my fav. It barely makes me oily throughout the day. Which I like. Been gravitating towards this for awhile now.

(I forgot to include a blush but the one I have been loving is the Nars blush in Madly) These are my current go to makeup products lately.

Setting Powders// Bare Minerals original loose powder & It Cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder. 

Bronzer// Physician Formula butter bronzer in light

Highlight// Smashbox pearl pallet by Casey Holmes

Brows// Benefit precisely my brow pencil in #5 & L’oreal brow gel in medium

Concealer// Maybelline fit me in fair clair ( I use this one under my eyes) & Tarte shape tape in light ( full coverage one so I use everywhere else )

Lashes// Both Maybelline lash sensational mascaras




As Valentines Day is approaching I thought I’d give you guys an outfit idea, including a little hair and makeup tutorial. Even though I’ll be spending the day at work then coming home and probably eating pizza and watching a movie all by myself lol. But this is for those who will be going out with their loved ones! This is just a little inspiration for you. I hope you enjoy this little post and have an amazing Valentines Day!❤️


If you have not purchased a pallet from Morphe, where have you been??  The eyeshadows from this brand are so buttery and creamy. They blend out like perfection and the pigmentation is insane. The best part about this brand is that they are so affordable! I own a couple brushes from them too and they are definitely a staple piece in my collection. These 2 pallets I am showing you today are the 35o and 35F. These are the 2 pallets I own from them and they have definitely made it in my top 4 favorite eyeshadow pallets I own. You can create any look from dark and smokey to light and neutral. 

These pallets are also so perfect during the fall time I mean look at those colors! 35o just screams fall to me lol. I have nothing but great things to say about this brand I can go on and on!





With having to go to work almost everyday I will say I don’t like to spend so much time on my makeup. I mean I can’t be the only one who likes to get those extra minutes of sleep right? Lol. Here are some of the products I want to share that I use literally every single time I do my makeup minus the eyeshadow and liner! The magic that makes me look a little more decent haha.


Urban decay all nighter setting spray

Maybelline age rewind concealer 

Nars creamy concealer

L’oreal brow stylist plumper

Anastasia brow wiz

Bare minerals powder

Nars laguna bronzer

L’oreal voluminous mascara

Maybelline lash sensational mascara

Neutrogena healthy defense moisturizer

The Blam highlighter

Clinique blush

iT Cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder

Leave me a comment on the products you guys like to use everyday!