How we’re already in the new year I have no idea. But I wanted share some of my best moments I’ve captured during 2018. So enjoy!!


Rang in the New year with my bestie, Took my first Disney trip of the year with some friends. Went to LA for the day and got to see the Jimmy Kimmel show! What a way to start 2018.


My birthday month! Got to celebrate turning 23 with all of my favorite people ever in San Diego! My Family and Friends make my life a million times better. Especially when I get to celebrate a fun day with them.



Started a new job at my dream Salon, Met some new friends at a brewery and wineries also celebrated both of my best friends birthdays, they are on the same day lol crazy. Celebrated my sis’ 23rd birthday a few days early doing some wine tasting. Then went to VEGAS for Courts 21st!



Spring time and Concert time! For the last couple years my mom and I like to go down to Carlsbad and walk around the flower fields that they grow over spring time. Best part about it is you get a view of not only the beautiful flowers but also the ocean! Then its concert time! Went to my 1st concert of the year with my best friend and saw one of our favorite bands at the House Of Blues in San Diego.



A month of celebrating mothers day, Vegas trips and more Disney trips!! My brothers and I treated our mom to a day at one of her favorite places, the beach. Such a lovely day! Went to Vegas again with a friend and got to go to supercross! I haven’t been to a supercross since high school so it was so much fun! Took my last Disney trip of the year ): Im so sad because I miss it so much!! But it was a fun day with my dad and niece.



More celebrations! Fathers day and my mommas birthday! Started the month taking my dad out for fathers day in orange county with my brothers and niece! Ended the month celebrating my momma and her birthday in another one of her favorite places, Catalina Island! My first time there and I fell in love.



Boy was July a busy month. I did a whole blog post on this trip which you can find here → ( PT. 1 ) ( PT.2 ) so I didn’t post all of the pictures and concerts I went to but it was a total of 5 shows! Seriously the biggest trip my best friend Courtney and I have taken together. It still amazes me that we pulled it off but its something I will remember an cherish for the rest of my life.



The concerts did not stop there lol. We had 2 more artists to see this month. Both were at the same venue just a week apart. We got to see our fav Niall and my love Charlie and of course I had to buy his merchandise lol.



A month of reflecting and re discovering how strong I really can be. I went through a couple hard times this month but it helped me grow as a person. Found my love of taking the morning and going on little hikes and also got to spend a girls day in Catalina. I also have a blog post on what its like to be STRONG and this day in Catalina!



Another eventful month if I do say so myself lol. From Universal Halloween Horror nights to more Vegas trips, Halloween celebrations and more Concerts! Kicked off October with going to my very last concert of the year seeing 5SOS again with more friends. Went on my annual trip with my friend Tana to UHHN 2018. Went to Vegas 2 weekends in a row, 1st going to another supercross with Amanda, 2nd then the weekend after went out and celebrated my brothers birthday. And ended October going out for Halloween with a few friends and dressing up lol.



One of my favorite memories from this month was getting all of my close friends together and celebrating a Friendsgiving. It was my first year putting together one and it was so much fun. Definitely going to make this a yearly thing.



And now we’re here. The last month of the year, December. A few of my favorite memories from this month was getting my first tattoo and celebrating NYE in LA with 2 of my best friends. Probably the best NYE I have ever had. So many memories made that night and it definitely made me have a positive outlook in 2019. I can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for me. A lot I want to accomplish and share with you all so heres to another year!!


Hello, hi!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating y’all on my VLOGMAS’ but I have been posting over on my youtube channel!! I was going to wait and post a whole blog post about all the vlogs but I figured thats probably too many to watch at one time lol… so i’ll just do it with like a week of vlogs!! So thats im here for today. I’ll leave a link below of the playlist so far and i’ll be back again next week with more because I really PLAN ON KEEPING THIS UP!!!!





OMG!!! Y’all I can not believe we are already here. Its the last month of the year, its Christmas time!! So this year I am attempting vlogmas AGAIN. Yes I know I failed at it last year…. BUT I thought hey why not try for round 2 this year and hopefully keep it up. I do love to vlog, even though im very awkward, I love watching vlogs so here I am again. I have lots of things in mind that I want to do this month so I will try my best to capture it for y’all!! Sooo with all that being said here is my Vlogmas Day 1!! I hope you enjoy and I will see you all tomorrow!

So this year I decided to host a friendsgiving! Honestly I had planned on taking way more pictures than I actually did but this just proves that I was just enjoying having all of my best friends together in one day. I don’t usually get to have that opportunity so it was so nice. Yes I may only have 4 close friends but they are friendships that will never fade away. Its honestly the best when you know you have a friendship for life. I can’t imagine my life, really without them. They are my ride or dies. They are always there when I need them and they know I will always do the same. Yeah sometimes life gets hectic and we always can’t see each other but when we do its like we just saw each other yesterday. Those are the kinds of friendships you need to have in your life. Really thats adult life for you. It makes me so happy when I know all of us can get together at one time and have fun. The laughs, the talks, all of it. I will forever be grateful to have these girls in my life. They are the BEST friends a girl can have. Cherish those who will do anything and everything for you. The ones who won’t get mad when you need time to yourself. We always have a good time when we’re together. Whether its just a few of us hanging out on the weekends or getting dinner with one of them. I cherish the time I have with these girls. Friendsgiving is definitely something I will continue to do every year. Plus we’re all a good time so like hell yeah imma be hosting more get togethers!!! Hope you enjoy and I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with your loved ones!


Strong. What is strong? Strong has multiple meanings. We all know. But today I want to talk about being strong, mentally. What does that mean to you? Its okay not to be strong all the time. We’re human we aren’t perfect, nobody is. If someone claims to be they are lieing. We can’t always be the strong ones and honestly it sucks that when you come off in a way to always seem like you have it all together, your life is perfect but no one sees what really goes on behind closed doors. Don’t assume anything because you really never know what that person is actually going through. Sometimes people just want you to sit there and listen without judgment. They just need someone to vent to and talk to. We all go through tough times, broken hearts, stress, etc. Don’t beat yourself up over the small things or even so the bigger things. Thats how we get through life is with challenges. People challenge us everyday. Everyone and everything that comes into your life is a lessoned learned. God will always have a plan for YOU. Trust him. He will bring certain people into your life for a reason and if they choose to leave you’ll understand why later. Something BETTER will come. You have to trust the process. If something doesn’t work out, don’t stress and STAY STRONG. Be you, Do you, For YOU. Not everyone will give back what you give to them. Sometimes its a hard pill to swallow that, thats just how it will be. Life is to short to be worrying. Live your life and have fun. You only get one so make it worth it. Do things you never thought you would and don’t regret a thing. Friends and Family will always be there no matter what. They will always have your back. Bring you up when you’re feeling down. Don’t let anyone waste your time. No one deserves that. If they can’t appreciate what you have to offer, let them go. You deserve to have people in your life that make you happy and appreciate you. If you’re to scared of change ask yourself why first. Why does it scare you? How will this affect your life? Could be a good change or could be a bad one but again that is life. You really never know until you try. Don’t fear it, embrace it. Don’t live your life scared all the time. I know things are so much easier said than actually done. But being STRONG and telling yourself you can you’re already one step closer to success in life. Focus on yourself and mentality before anything. If you can stay STRONG for others you can stay STRONG for yourself. You matter. Your mental health matters. In my personal experience I have dealt with some things. I’ve had people tell me one thing but then turning it around and telling me another. I’ve been let down. People have walked out of my life. People have lied. A certain job hasn’t worked out, so on a so forth but every single thing has taught me something. As I got older it got easier to accept things. I realized certain things don’t work out for a reason. I can’t change everything. Ive learned to trust the process and move on. Thats all I got to do. I can be STRONG and its okay to not be okay. But being STRONG and letting things go and letting things just happen naturally has helped me a lot. Of course I have my days but who doesn’t? Doing stuff like this, writing down what is on my mind. Taking a drive, hanging out with friends and family, going on hikes or taking time for myself are things that help me through. Im lucky enough to have a family who supports me, friends who are there for me, a job that I love. I soak that all in. I cherish every moment. And you should to. Whatever the hell it is you are going through right now it will be okay. Trust the process and be STRONG.