Long time no see guys! I know I say this a lot but yes I know its been awhile… How is everyone doing??? I hate leaving my blog for so long, I was always so busy with work and stuff but now I have a little more time on my hands with my new place so I am determined to keep posting more!! Okay anyways this isn’t what todays post is about. I want to share how I edit my pictures for Instagram and for my pictures on here! It took me awhile to finally figure out how to have a “theme” for my instagram page. Believe it or not I actually put a lot of time and effort on it lol. It’s still not at a point where I want it but as for now I’m happy with it. Im going to share not only what I use but what inspires me and how I go about choosing where to shoot. It’s honestly really easy once you understand it all, it just takes time and effort like anything else in the world right!? Lol okay lets get to it!


Step 1: What I use

Okay so the app that I use to edit my pictures is an app called V S C O. It’s a very popular app to use on an iPhone or android (I think?). If you like taking pictures then this is definitely something you should have. You can buy presets on there and you just have to play around with them and see which one you prefer for your pictures. When you download the app it already has presets in there that are free so you can play with those instead of buying some.


Step 2: Inspiration


My most used app for inspiration is P I N T E R E S T. As you know I can spend hours on there lol. But when I started really getting into actually editing my pictures and wanting to make my instagram looking cute and pleasing I started going to Pinterest for my inspo. I have a board on my Pinterest page where I save all kinds of VSCO edits. So if you want to follow me on there (Danielle Willis) you can see that!!The cool thing about those boards too is it shows you exactly how to saturate your picture. How much to use for exposure. So many tips and tricks. I usually use the ones they show on there but I will go in and mess around with the settings myself until I’m happy with it. But it does help if you have no idea what you’re doing because it shows exactly what numbers to put each setting.


Step 3: Picking location

So again for picking where I want to take pictures I just look on pinterest or on instagram. Usually I’ll just spot out a cute wall and go pose in front of it lol. But there are times where I’m like okay, I want to go to a certain location for a photoshoot. I think finding a nice scenery/background for pictures is important. You not only want to look cute for peoples attention but you also want whats around you looking chic and cool to. It will make the picture look 10x more pleasing to the eye. Well in my opinion. Here are a few examples of where I typically like to take pictures at. I hope this was helpful! 

Hello!! Ahh okay for starters whats up? How are you? As I’m posting this its march WHAT THE HECK!! I decided I wanted to dedicate a blog post for my 23rd birthday that was back in February on the 17th! Its weird to me that I’m already 23, I don’t know where time went but shoot here I am. I had the best time with my friends and family the whole weekend. I seriously am so damn lucky to have such loving people in my life. They all made this birthday the best with just being there with me. No matter what they make time for me, alway supportive and are a grand ol’ time lol. So THANK YOU to those who celebrated with me. I LOVE YOU ALL SO DAMN MUCH!! Okay sappiness over.. So I stayed out in downtown San Diego, which is by far my new favorite place. San Diego is such a beautiful place I think I found my future home lol. The bars are fun, the people are crazy, the food is great and all the views everywhere are to die for. A weekend I won’t forget (well kind of..oops hahah) at least I have pictures and videos to look back on. Alright now enjoy a bunch of pictures and a little video I put together from videos I don’t remember taking so I thought I should throw them together lol. Oh and happy M A R C H, let me know what kind of posts you want to see this month!


Day 1



Day 2


Social anxiety, a subject I wish would be talked about more. I tend to deal with it A LOT with different things. I wanted to talk about that today. Not going to lie I was having anxiety posting about anxiety lol. Just because I know people all have different views on it. Whether its mild or severe. We all handle it differently and that doesn’t make us any less or any more. I would like to think and hope that whoever reads about my experiences (which I still deal with to this day) and how I like to handle it, it will help them understand they aren’t alone. When I think about social anxiety I think about it as having tiny little conversations with yourself in your head over and over again. Where I have it the most is being out surrounded by people I don’t know and talking in front of people. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned down my friends when they ask if I want to go out and have drinks at bars. Yes it can’t be fun sometimes but only when I go with people I feel comfortable with or if I’m being honest, getting drunk and I HATE that. I don’t like when I have to have a few drinks in me to lighten up and feel comfortable. When I’m out or before I even get to where I’m going I start to go through scenarios in my head like “omg do I look ok?” “is that person staring at me?” “everyone is judging me” “Is he going to come up and talk to me?” “how do I start and continue a conversation?”. Literally thats what goes through my head EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Im always afraid of getting left behind and I’m just standing there alone because I don’t know how to communicate with people sometimes lol. Its dumb things like that, that make me just want to stay home where I’m comfortable. Sometimes I’ll be out and I’m not enjoying myself so i’ll come home and cry because I felt stupid. Also talking in front of people I go through the same thing. I have to sit and think to myself, thats not how its always going to be stop talking down on yourself and enjoy life. Enjoy the fun with your friends don’t let something like this bother you and stop you from anything. Im lucky to have friends who actually understand where I’m coming from and why I get like that. They never judge me and always have such great advice for me and calm me down. They are the ones who make me realize that its okay to not always have to go out to enjoy yourself. If being at home or somewhere that you feel comfortable is what you like then do it an they’ll risk it for me. Its hard for me to stay confident with myself all the time and always be positive. Having people like that in your life is SO important. You will learn that not everyone will understand what its like to have social anxiety and thats okay. If you can find people to just vent to and know they won’t hold it against you, keep them. Another thing that helps me to is music. I will BLAST that shit and forget about anything else. Finding ways to calm yourself down from all of the stress you put yourself through helps so much, that is my number 1 rule. Remember to always stay true to yourself, if you don’t want to do things that you know isn’t you and you aren’t comfortable its okay not to do them. You’re not a loser or dumb for feeling that way. The whole reason I wanted to talk about this is because this is an everyday struggle I go through and I always feel dumb for feeling that way. But people tell me all the time that its okay. I have sat and cried all night because I’m 22 and I should be out having fun. But thats why I am picky when it comes to my friends and who I want in my life. They all make me feel comfortable. They get me and sometimes I wonder why they are still friends with me because I feel like I’m the boring one lol. Anyways, I hope this helps other feel better about themselves and that no one is perfect and everyone is always going through SOMETHING.


If you made it to the end thanks for reading the thoughts that go through my head sometimes. This is like a big diary for me lol. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


So this year I decided I want to post different kinds of things on my blog! I will still post fashion/beauty posts but I want to switch it up a little bit!! That means in todays post I wanted to do the 25 random facts tag. This is usually a youtube kind of thing but since I’m not quite there.. yet.. I felt like it would be cool to do on here! I just googled random questions these “youtubers” usually answer for this tag. I want to bring in more traffic to my blog and doing something like this will help people know a little more about me! Hope 2018 is treating ya’ll well so far!! Leave some suggestions on what else I should post this year!! 


1. Are you named after anyone?

  • For the longest time my parents told me I was named after a football player named Dan Marino. I was like wow thanks for naming me after a dude guys lol. Still don’t know if that’s true or not! I will never know!

2. Do you have any kids?

  • I do not.

3. If you were another person,would you be a friend of yourself?

  • I actually have never thought about this until I saw this question. I would like to think I would be!!

4. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

  • Omg do I!?? Of course I do lol and sometimes I don’t think some people get my sarcasm and humor which makes me laugh. You can’t always take everything seriously you need to have some fun once in awhile right!?

5. What is the first thing you notice about people?

  • I think their attitude and how they treat others. Oh and a smile lol.

6. What is your eye color?

  • Gold(ish)

7. Scary movie or happy ending?

  • I do LOVE a good scary movie because I like that adrenaline but I do like happy endings to. Guess it depends on what mood I’m in that day lol.

8. What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?

  • Only have been on a plane once in my life and it was to some random city in New York for a baseball tournament with the family.

9. Where were you born?

  • Murrieta, CA

10. What are your hobbies?

  • Blogging!

11. Do you have any pets?

  • 2 dogs! They live with my dad so I don’t see them everyday): But I love when I do get to see them. They are mutts and the cutest things ever.

12. Do you have any siblings?

  • 3 brothers! Grew up with all boys but wouldn’t have had it any other way!

13. Who was your best friend?

  • Who was? More like who is and still are! I have more than one best friend and they all know who they are💖

14. How tall are you?

  • Last time I measured myself it said I was 5’4 lol.

15. Favorite food?

  • I could eat Mexican food all the time lol. But I always like to try new things!

16. How many countries have you visited?

  • Sadly none but I want to change that!!!

17. What was your favorite/least favorite subject in high school?

  • I liked taking graphic design and I honestly didn’t like anything else😂 I wasn’t one who liked school that much..

18. Favorite Animal? Drink? Perfume?

  • Favorite animal: Dog.  Favorite drink: Green tea.  Favorite perfume: Current fav. Bombshell from V.S

19. What sports do you/have you played?

  • I was a cheerleader for 9 years. And yes I do consider It a sport!

20. Favorite youtubers at the moment?

  • Kathleenlights, Casey Holmes, Jenna Marbles, Remi Cruz, Vlogsquad lol.

21. How many BF/GF have you had?

  • 2 BF

22. Favorite childhood memory?

  • Always taking vacations to visit family.

23. How would you describe your fashion sense?

  • I think I would describe it as comfortable/casual, chic, street style.

24. What phone do you have?

  • Iphone basic as heck. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using apple products lol.

25. What is your favorite song at the moment?

  • It is so hard choosing 1 favorite song because I love music so much but right now I’d have to say Harry Styles cover of Girl Crush by Little Big Town. Give that a listen his voice is amazing.

Hi guys! Happy New Year! 2018, I can’t believe its here. So crazy how fast time flies. I feel like 2017 just left in a blink of an eye lol. As I scroll through all of the pictures and videos I saved I just can’t help but smile. I honestly had an amazing year. All of my friends and family are what made it so great. I just am so thankful and grateful for the people I have in my life. They stick with me through thick and thin. I also have met more amazing people in the last year and got close to them as well. Making new friendships is always the best. So many memories were made in the past year and I wanted to share them in todays post! It might be a little long because I wanted to talk about my favorite memories for every month. Whether they were traveling somewhere, hanging around town or whatever. I tried to always capture something each month. I love the life I live and yes I do complain sometimes and wish some things were different but in this new year I want to try and make those dreams become reality. Im a big believer in dreams and working hard to make things happen. I’ve learned that things just don’t get handed to you, you have to WORK for it. I work hard for the things I get to do and I’m thankful I have the opportunity NOW to do them. I always love sharing things that I enjoy, thats why I made my blog, so I can put them out there for other people to see who I am! I may enjoy things that others don’t but thats okay. Thats why I love the friendships I have because they get me and understand me and are just as crazy as I am lol. I love how we all enjoy doing things together. I can not wait for this new year. As everyone says EVERY year but this is a year of change, no regrets and just having fun. E N J O Y yourself. Be a better person. Do things you’re scared to do. Push yourself. All the things I want to stick by this year. Living a happy healthy life. Hope you enjoy this one!



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