Hey guys, so recently I’ve been thinking about doing this post again. I published a body confidence post back in 2016, when I first started my blog. I started reading it and I thought to myself, you’re in such a different mind set then you were 3 years ago and I kind of wanted to share how I feel about it to this day. Granted I still have some of the same thoughts about it but I think I know more and feel like I can share more of what I have learned through the last 3 years. With all that being said, that is what Im going to be talking about today. B O D Y  C O N FI D E N C E. But first, what does it mean to you? Body confidence can mean so many things to so many different people. With internet now and days I feel as if we have to look a certain way. Looks, Style, etc. It’s all bullsh*t really. It can be hard for anyone, making you overthink about your appearance and it shouldn’t be that way. But it’s funny because there is also this other side of social media where  you are seeing more and more people show confidence and all body types. The internet is a crazy, weird place and it can mess with your mind. In the last few years I came to conclusion that I don’t want to follow these influencers, who to me are unrealistic. Personally I like to follow women and men who are real and raw with their followers and show you that there is more than 1 kind of body type out there. If you have some cellulite, stretch marks, rolls whatever it is, it’s okay and NORMAL AND BEAUTIFUL . We’re all HUMAN. It’s refreshing to see real and genuine influencers. Im stating this for anybody. If you are someone who is into fitness YOU F*CKING GO, if you’re somebody who isn’t, again you F*KCING GO. Everyone should love themselves no matter what and everybody goes through insecurities. You can be super fit and still not like something about you. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and more people need to accept that. If someone can’t accept you for who you are and how you look then throw them out of your life because that negativity shouldn’t be welcomed! Surround yourself around those who lift you up and make you feel comfortable and confident within yourself. Now lets’ talk  about confidence with fashion. When it comes to fashion I think I’ve done a pretty good job with wearing what I feel confident in. I wear clothing pieces that I love and that I think is cute and my style. I think everybody should be that way. If you like that top but are to afraid what people will think, get that mindset out of your head, Put that top on and when you wear it you wear It with confidence! Because in reality nobody is starring and thinking that, it’s all in your head. Trust me I think we’ve all been there. I know I have and if we are being honest I still do sometimes but hey im human right? Just like you. It’s funny how wearing clothing items with confidence can change your mindset. If you were to ask me 3 years ago if I liked wearing shorts I would laugh and say HELL NO. Why? because I wasn’t confident enough and I hated the way I looked. My legs are probably one of my biggest insecurities about myself but just like I have been talking about, I changed the way I thought about myself. I wear things with confidence and it has helped me so much in so many ways. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes a lot within yourself to WANT to change your mindset and how you view things. It is a lot easier said than done but trust me you’re not alone and there are so many other things to worry about than other peoples opinion. Shoot I may be pale as heck and don’t have the “best” looking bod but I’m working on myself everyday and my confidence has boosted X1000 these last few years and it feels good to say that.  YOU GOT THIS. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. YOU AREN’T ALONE. All bodies are good bodies.

I guess I’m another year older now and its freaking weird!!!! I also can’t believe its been a year since I posted my 23rd birthday blog post. But here I am with my 24th birthday!!! I had so much fun this past weekend getting to celebrate with my best friends in San Diego again. I always have a blast hanging out with these girls, they make life so fun and spontaneous. I don’t know what i’d do without this group in my life. Finding friends who understand you and know how to make you happy and stick with you through thick and thin are so rare to find. I appreciate the ones who have stuck around. Kinda surprised they all have honestly hahaha. But we all are a good time I mean who wouldn’t want to hang with us?? Anyways, Thank you to anyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and thank you to those who celebrated with me. Im so happy I could cry… Okay enjoy these few pictures I got this weekend. A little glimpse of what my weekend consisted of. LOL


N I G H T O U T 2.16


B R U N C H 2.17


So I follow a lot of bloggers on instagram and one in particular posted a blog post on being happy being single. It really stood out to me and I loved her concept on it so I decided I wanted to do a similar post. With Valentines day being today, or well whenever you’re reading this, It could be hard for some of us single people lol. Honestly to me though Valentines Day is just another day. I think its a stupid holiday! Like why take 1 day out of the year to show somebody you love them, shouldn’t that be everyday??? I don’t know, to me I think people and stores and tv or whatever it is, they hype it up to much. Soooooo with all that being said here are a few things that people who are single should think about! Being single ain’t all that bad (;


Embrace Being Single

Why not embrace it? Take this time to focus on YOURSELF. I think people tend to forget that in order to be happy in a relationship you should be happy with yourself first. Go shopping by yourself, take drives alone, watch movies alone. Take this opportunity to make improvements for yourself.

Don’t look back

Move forward and not backwards. If someone broke your heart let them go. They don’t deserve you or your time. Its taken a lot for me to understand that to. But I’ve learned that if someone wastes my time I don’t need to be wasting my time or energy on them trying to fix things because they don’t deserve it. You shouldn’t have to look back and think what could have gone differently. You’ll learn who really cares for you and wants nothing but to bring happiness into your life. Not play games with you. When you get the courage to move forward you’re helping yourself in the long run. And let me tell you its a damn good feeling when you do!

Focus on the good

I read a little quote that had this saying in it and I loved it. You should focus on the good. Think about the good things in your life. Its a good feeling when you’re not constantly worrying about someone else or what they think when you’re out with friends. You don’t have to wait for someones approval. Focus on being happy and living your best life being single! Now i’m not saying it’ll be a bad thing when someone awesome comes along but for right now in the moment FOCUS ON THE GOOD!

You’re not alone

You are not the only one my friend!! Being single on valentines day and constantly being reminded how single you are, yeah i’m right there with you but so are many many people!! Its okay and like I’ve said a million times embrace it. There are days where it gets to me and makes me sad but I quickly dig myself out of that hole and take in that I have a group of friends that I love and i’m surrounded by many loved ones. And so are you.


So yes being single can suck sometimes I get it!! Go listen to some happy songs on spotify, buy yourself a bottle of wine and order some dang pizza on this lovers day if you are spending it alone because honestly… I think thats exactly what im going to do lol. I love you guys and I will see you very soon for my BIRTHDAY post!!!! Happy Valentines Day<3


Another year is here yet again. I honestly can’t believe it is already 2019. Time just keeps flying by and I cant keep up lol. I wanted to share a few things that I want to work on In this new year. Now for me “new years goals” is just so overrated. Just because its a new year doesn’t mean you need to always start over and no matte what day or what month it is you’re allowed to set new goals and accomplishments for yourself. That is one thing I want to work on this year.


Working on me for me

This year I want to focus a lot on my health and mentality. I tend to stress ALOT and for being a 23 year old I stress way more than I should lol. Im trying to find more activities or hobbies that keep my brain occupied so im not focusing on one thing and stressing myself out. It is hard but I know it can be done. Second is working hard to be a healthier version of myself. I think I will always struggle with body confidence just like every other human being on this planet. I sure as hell have come a long way with it though and now I could care less what others think of me but this year I just want to focus on being healthy and confident.

Working smarter not harder

I have been very blessed with finding the salon of my dreams last year. I enjoy so much about my job and in this new year I want to work even more on my business. I think sometimes I take a little advantage with it because I am my own boss now and days but I want to work a little harder and build up my clientele. Working on my skills and STOP doubting myself.

No settling

In the last year I got myself out there again in the whole “dating” world and let me tell you in taught me A LOT lol. A lot about myself and a lot about people. One of my friends kept telling me “Danielle do NOT settle” and I was just blowing it off like i’m not, i’m not. But I knew I was and I know I deserve so much more. I know my worth and I know what I really deserve. I want to work on that more. Open myself up to people who only deserve it and not let them take advantage of my kindness. Whether that is with relationships, friendship, etc.

More Traveling

This is something I tell myself I want to ever new year if i’m being honest lol. I love to travel, whether its an hour away or it takes 2 days I love it. So this year I want to save more money and spend it on traveling. I definitely did more than I usually do last year and this year I want to top that. Plus it will definitely give me an excuse to take cute pictures and do more blog post! LOL

Focus more on blogging

I have been saying this since I launched this website hahah. But for reals THIS YEAR I will actually do it and listen to myself! If i’m being completely honest I get stuck and I never know what I want to post. But I think I just need to find my niche and roll with it. I know I can do it and stop being lazy about it. This is one of my hobbies I love doing so she needs to stop being put to the side!!!

Be Happy

Last but not least, I just want to be happy. Not that i’m in a bad place or anything. I have an amazing life with amazing people in it. Im very grateful for the things I get to do and the things I have and my health. But I just want to keep that up and work on myself. I love doing ME for ME. Good things take time and I know GOD is on my side. I never really speak about my relationship with god but I know he takes the lead in my life. He gives me opportunities I need and obstacle courses I need to get around to make me stronger. Good things take time and I have learned that through the years.


So with all that being said those are just a few things I wish to accomplish in this new year. Heres to 2019 people!!


How we’re already in the new year I have no idea. But I wanted share some of my best moments I’ve captured during 2018. So enjoy!!


Rang in the New year with my bestie, Took my first Disney trip of the year with some friends. Went to LA for the day and got to see the Jimmy Kimmel show! What a way to start 2018.


My birthday month! Got to celebrate turning 23 with all of my favorite people ever in San Diego! My Family and Friends make my life a million times better. Especially when I get to celebrate a fun day with them.



Started a new job at my dream Salon, Met some new friends at a brewery and wineries also celebrated both of my best friends birthdays, they are on the same day lol crazy. Celebrated my sis’ 23rd birthday a few days early doing some wine tasting. Then went to VEGAS for Courts 21st!



Spring time and Concert time! For the last couple years my mom and I like to go down to Carlsbad and walk around the flower fields that they grow over spring time. Best part about it is you get a view of not only the beautiful flowers but also the ocean! Then its concert time! Went to my 1st concert of the year with my best friend and saw one of our favorite bands at the House Of Blues in San Diego.



A month of celebrating mothers day, Vegas trips and more Disney trips!! My brothers and I treated our mom to a day at one of her favorite places, the beach. Such a lovely day! Went to Vegas again with a friend and got to go to supercross! I haven’t been to a supercross since high school so it was so much fun! Took my last Disney trip of the year ): Im so sad because I miss it so much!! But it was a fun day with my dad and niece.



More celebrations! Fathers day and my mommas birthday! Started the month taking my dad out for fathers day in orange county with my brothers and niece! Ended the month celebrating my momma and her birthday in another one of her favorite places, Catalina Island! My first time there and I fell in love.



Boy was July a busy month. I did a whole blog post on this trip which you can find here → ( PT. 1 ) ( PT.2 ) so I didn’t post all of the pictures and concerts I went to but it was a total of 5 shows! Seriously the biggest trip my best friend Courtney and I have taken together. It still amazes me that we pulled it off but its something I will remember an cherish for the rest of my life.



The concerts did not stop there lol. We had 2 more artists to see this month. Both were at the same venue just a week apart. We got to see our fav Niall and my love Charlie and of course I had to buy his merchandise lol.



A month of reflecting and re discovering how strong I really can be. I went through a couple hard times this month but it helped me grow as a person. Found my love of taking the morning and going on little hikes and also got to spend a girls day in Catalina. I also have a blog post on what its like to be STRONG and this day in Catalina!



Another eventful month if I do say so myself lol. From Universal Halloween Horror nights to more Vegas trips, Halloween celebrations and more Concerts! Kicked off October with going to my very last concert of the year seeing 5SOS again with more friends. Went on my annual trip with my friend Tana to UHHN 2018. Went to Vegas 2 weekends in a row, 1st going to another supercross with Amanda, 2nd then the weekend after went out and celebrated my brothers birthday. And ended October going out for Halloween with a few friends and dressing up lol.



One of my favorite memories from this month was getting all of my close friends together and celebrating a Friendsgiving. It was my first year putting together one and it was so much fun. Definitely going to make this a yearly thing.



And now we’re here. The last month of the year, December. A few of my favorite memories from this month was getting my first tattoo and celebrating NYE in LA with 2 of my best friends. Probably the best NYE I have ever had. So many memories made that night and it definitely made me have a positive outlook in 2019. I can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for me. A lot I want to accomplish and share with you all so heres to another year!!