Alright… I’d like to give credit to my mom for these wine bottle DIY’s. If you ever wonder where I get my spark of craftiness from well there you have it! Lol. Around the holidays we like to scroll through Pinterest to get some inspiration for home decor. This year we found these adorable wine bottle decorations and decided to put our skills to the test. I mean we aren’t Picasso but we like to try! We picked one for Halloween and the other for Autumn but can be used for all year long.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Empty wine bottles (remove the labels)


Paint Brushes


Glue Gun

This Halloween one is my favorite! My mom did such a good job painting these guys. They definitely add a nice and fun touch to the house. And if you’re wondering where the picture is from we got it at target for really cheap!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Empty wine bottle (remove label)

Glue Gun


White Paint

Paint Brush

Fall Flowers

For this one you can change out the flowers when a different season comes along! I hope you enjoyed seeing these decorations and maybe it gave you a little inspiration for this holiday season. Let me know which one was your favorite! Also follow me on Pinterest so you can see where some of my ideas come from!



How cute are these DIY flower pots? This is a little way you can spice up any plain flower pot into something a little more fun and that can be the perfect decoration for any room! 

Here’s what you’ll need

Plain clay pots

Paint or twine

Paint brush

Flowers of your choice

All I did was paint the pots and got some designs off of Pinterest! I went with fake succulents because I thought it was a little easier to take care of lol. After I finished painting I got some rocks from Michaels craft store and filled the pots almost all the way to the top. It is seriously so easy!

When I feel like my room needs a little more decoration I love to scroll through Pinterest and find DIYS that are super cute and trendy to add that little touch. Ive always wanted to add succulents to my design in my room and I thought these would be so perfect! So whenever you are bored of something just do what I did and have some fun! Maybe these little guys can give you some inspiration!