Woohoo Vlogmas Day 8 is now live! DISNEYLAND. I have mentioned it about a million times but guys Christmas time at disney??? BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. By the time we got to disneyland it was already dark outside, gotta love daylight savings!! But I tried my best to get a lot of footage for you guys. May not be the best but I TRIED. Also I know I skipped over day 7 but in my last vlog I mentioned how I won’t be vlogging that day so that is why there is no day 7. I know how to count I swear lol. I put a lot of damn effort into this vlog so I hope you like it! Now I know why “Youtubers” don’t go to bed until like 2 in the morning lol. Okay Im done rambling here is DAY 8↓↓

Yay!! Vlogmas Days 5 and 6 are now up!! Day 5 I went to go see my grandma, my dad and my puppies! I was so happy to see everybody especially my dogs since I don’t live with them. They always get so excited every time I go over lol. And then on Day 6 I just went to work (Of course I love adulting) but I showed you guys a little peak at my Christmas decor I have up in my room. I will be doing a full BLOG post on that soon so don’t worry. Alright so I won’t be posting a vlog tomorrow, I explain why at the end of this vlog. But I will have one up on saturday all about D I S N E Y L A N D. I also want to do a whole blog post on Disneyland during Christmas time so that will be going up soon too! Im so excited. Im like a little kid getting excited for disneyland lol. Its my favorite place and the way they have it decorated for Christmas is HEAVEN. So be ready for that! Enjoy Vlogmas Days 5&6 and a little clip of day 7 lol.↓↓

Helloooo! Okay so I have decided since I don’t think i’ll have enough footage for a vlog every single day that I’m just going to combine some days. Now I won’t do it for all of them but just the days I know i’ll be at work all day and can’t vlog. So thats what todays is about!! In day 3 I hung out with some friends in LA. That was a lot of fun, I didn’t vlog when I was actually there but none the less I had a great time lol. And then the next day I was just hanging out with my mom and then of course my girl court came around and we all went Christmas decor shopping. Can never have too many decorations for Christmas right?? Lol. It was fun. So yeah that is pretty much all I have for these ones. Enjoy!!↓↓

Vlogmas Day 2 is now up on my youtube channel!! It’s a chill one, all I did was go to work and then came home lol but my best friend came back in town!! We were all suppose to be getting the Christmas tree but that didn’t end up happening ): So we decided to do what we usually do.. went to TARGET. You might be seeing a lot of target runs in these vlogs because thats what we like to do when we have no other plans and I mean who doesn’t love target?? Lol. The rest of the night I just came home and hung out with my mom and thats pretty much it! I promise I have more stuff planned in future videos!! I want to make these vlogs fun! But I explain how most of them will be of me just going to work lol. I will force myself to go out and do stuff! Lol. Alright enjoy Day 2!↓↓

Happy D E C E M B E R everybody!!! Ahhhh I can’t believe we’re already here! The last month of the year!! And another one of my favorite months lol. Okay so you’re probably wondering what the heck “Vlogmas” is, I have youtubers that I love to watch and most of them do this thing called Vlogmas every year in the month of December. You basically Vlog every single day up until Christmas day. I love watching vlogs, so I thought it would be fun for myself to attempt it! I will say my editing… not the best, but its fun! Hopefully towards the end my editing skills are a little better lol. Vlogging makes you want to actually go out and do fun things and since I have some stuff planned for this month I figured hey why not. Im an awkward person so they might be cringy to watch and have a laugh! Plus you get to see a different side of me. The side that isn’t posing for pictures and writing behind a computer screen. Now if you follow me on instagram or snapchat (which you should) then you see that side of me a little bit. Vlogs are everyday life! I hope to continue Vlogging for next year! Who knows, we’ll see lol. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to see all these vlogs! I haven’t decided if I should post them everyday on here or just keep it over on my youtube channel, let me know what you think!! Love you all, I can’t wait to share all the ideas I have for posts this month! But for now enjoy Day 1 of my Vlogmas!!