Hello!! Yes I am back with yet another band tee little look book today. I honestly own a lot of band t-shirts and this is how I like to style them most of the time. I really get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and then I put the outfits together with what is comfortable for me! Whether I listen to the band or not I still love to wear them, I don’t care lol. So my little brother was the one who took my pictures for this post! He did such a great job, so shout out to you Travis!! lol.  My mom is usually behind the camera, but he has taken a liking to photography so I asked him if he would take some blog pictures for me. I hope you all enjoy this Pt. 2 of my band tee style looks, I will definitely have more coming in the future! And let me know which one was your favorite!


I will try and link as many pieces as I can find, but I have had a lot of these pieces for while.

Look 1

Top// H&M

Jacket// Forever21

Pants// Forever21+

Shoes// Vans

My black jeans are definitely a staple in my wardrobe if you haven’t noticed lol. And I finally bought myself a pair of checkered slip ons. My Ramones tee is so comfy and loose, this is for sure my type of go to outfit if Im out and about running errands or something. I just threw on my oversized jean jacket with it and I’m good to go.

Look 2

Top// H&M (similar)

Jeans// Forever21+

Sandals// Kohls

Glasses// H&M

Now I will say I don’t wear those glasses all the time but how cool do they look?! I know I am so basic but hey I love it lol. Guns and Roses are actually one of my favorite bands so of course I had to buy the shirt when I saw it. I decided to wear sandals with this one because… well who doesn’t love a good pair?? It makes the outfit look a tad bit more dressy. 

Look 3

Top// Windsor

Shorts// Forever21+ (similar)

Sweater// Forever21

Boots// Nordstrom

This look is a little more dressed up but still casual and comfortable. Im not one to wear shorts all the time because I am self conscious with my legs, but I was like you know what who cares! Its so hot here in California right now and I cant just live in my jeans all the time lol. And honestly they’re the only jean shorts I own. The shirt is light weight and Def Leopard is another band I like thanks to my mom lol she L O V E S them. 

I thought adding in a few pictures of my little brother would be fun haha. He’s the other stylish one in our family! And like I said before he’s the one who took all these pictures for me for this post. Plus I told him I would feature a look of his. I think Im going to make him be in more blog posts more often.😉

Travis’ Look

Jacket// Thrifted

Shirt// Target

Pants// H&M (similar)

Shoes// Converse

Glasses// Ray Bans

Back at the end of June it was my moms birthday, so I decided to treat her to a day at the winery in Temecula. There are so many in wine country I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many there are! If you are a wine lover or even if you aren’t I think going wine tasting is a great way to spend a day. The scenery is so beautiful and of course the drinks are great. I enjoyed seeing my mom have a smile on her face and enjoy her day. Feeling relaxed and not having to worry about anything and enjoying yourself, I think is what we should all do once in awhile. We all deserve it! Enjoy this short little post and hey let me know what you like to do to make yourself feel relaxed?!


First stop was South Coast. I usually always go to this one first every time I go to the winery. The people are always sweet and they have really good wine to choose from. Im more of a “sweet” wine person and they have a lot of good options! Every single Winery has a beautiful view to enjoy.

Miramonte was the other one we ended up at after South Coast. I have never been to this one. It was really nice and mostly everything was outdoors, which the day we went the weather was so nice, it was perfect. The wine options were good and the glasses were much larger so that was cool hahah. I will definitely be coming back to this one!

The link to my dress 

Dress// Forever21

In todays post I wanted to share my current beauty favorites for summer time. The products I have been reaching for the most on a day to day basis. In a post awhile back I posted my “Everyday go to makeup” and most of the products then are still the same now mainly because I am a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup lol. But there are new ones that I have discovered, aka my favorite beauty blogger raved about them and I had to try, luckily enough they are products that work great for my skin type & don’t break me out! Also I haven’t really been a foundation, BB/CC cream person so that is why I don’t mention one. Concealer and powder type of gal haha. During summer time I try and go for a natural type of look anyways so actually replacing your foundation with a full coverage concealer is a great way to still even out your skin tone making it look like you tried harder than you really did!

Before I start anything I like to prep my skin. Here are my holy grails at the moment.

Mario Badescu facial spray

I have noticed a difference in my skin and the way my makeup applys when I use this product. It has Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater infused which are great for your skin. After I wash my face I spray this before applying moisturizer and it hydrates my skin. I sometimes use it after applying my powders to give a glow to my face.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost ( Extra Dry Skin )

I have used this moisturizer for over a year now and my skin still loves it. It is a gel moisturizer so it doesn’t clog your pores and sinks into your skin quicker. I really try to use cruelty-free products but I have really sensitive skin and I have yet to find a moisturizer that doesn’t break me out.

Urban Decay setting spray ( All Nighter )

Urban Decay has so many setting sprays but the all nighter one is definitely my fav. It barely makes me oily throughout the day. Which I like. Been gravitating towards this for awhile now.

(I forgot to include a blush but the one I have been loving is the Nars blush in Madly) These are my current go to makeup products lately.

Setting Powders// Bare Minerals original loose powder & It Cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder. 

Bronzer// Physician Formula butter bronzer in light

Highlight// Smashbox pearl pallet by Casey Holmes

Brows// Benefit precisely my brow pencil in #5 & L’oreal brow gel in medium

Concealer// Maybelline fit me in fair clair ( I use this one under my eyes) & Tarte shape tape in light ( full coverage one so I use everywhere else )

Lashes// Both Maybelline lash sensational mascaras




A day in LA. One of my close friends and I always enjoy taking a day to drive down to LA. We love exploring, finding cool “Instagram worthy” walls, going to cute little food/coffee places and just driving around. Not going to lie we do hope to run into our favorite celebrities, if we get lucky lol. We are so fortunate to live in California because it only takes us about an hour to drive here from where we live. Literal tourist in our own county haha. On this day we went I’m just showing the places we ended up at. But I want to do future posts of all the places I like to visit and also a post on some of the “popular” LA walls and where to find them. So if you want to see that make sure you’re subscribed to my blog so you are notified when I do!! 

Enjoy XO

First stop was Malibu. If any of you are down here you have to hit up a little place called “Cafe Habana” they have such delicious food and the people are so nice! After that we drove down PCH and went to the beach. The little hike was kind of hard lol but after you get past that the view is just amazing. 

Next destination was Melrose District. Over here is where you can find the cool art on the buildings and even on the ground! Everywhere you look there are people doing the same thing and taking pictures for their Instagram, so you don’t really have to feel awkward standing there posing cause everyone does it! Haha 

We then continued to drive around. Stopped at a cute yogurt place called “Go Greek” in Beverly Hills which was soo good. Yes we spend most of the time in the car and in traffic but hey thats LA for you right? 






I can not believe summer is already approaching us. Like where has the time gone??? Is anyone else still trying to put their head around it? Every year I try and tell myself that I will work on that summer tan but I have just come to conclusion that it will never happen lol. I will just embrace my pale body!! But that is besides the point today because this post is all about S U M M E R  D R E S S E S. There is just something about throwing on a dress that makes getting ready in the morning a little better, because you don’t have to worry about pants! I shared 3 different style of dresses today. Maxi, Off the shoulder, Romper. Which P.S they all have pockets in them?? How cool is that! My go to type of dresses,  So comfortable and breezy lol. Perfect for the beach and just everyday. Put on some jewelry, a cute hat and B O O M you’re good to go! I guess I have to say Summer I am ready for you! (Kind of not really) Hope you enjoy this one!


Outfit Details

Dress// Nordstrom Rack

Hat// Forever21

Scarf// Target 

Sandals// Reflection Shoe Store

Outfit Details

Dress// Nectar Clothing

Sandals// Reflection Shoe store

Necklace// Forever21

Outfit Details

Romper// Target

Hat & Belt// Forever21