Well hello there! Its been a minute, I know I know. But I have a fun post for you all today! All about my favorite place in the whole world D I S N E Y L A N D. Now this post isn’t going into anything specific but a little peek at what my trips to here include. If you would like a post on what I like to wear, bring into the park, etc. let me know!! I also want to V L O G some of my trips to if thats something you’d be interested into seeing. Having a seasonal pass makes it easier to go whenever I like which is why I’m here almost every other month. Gotta make that pass worth every minute! Lol. I will be doing more post on Disney so enjoy the first of many.


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Hello loves!! First of all I would like to apologize for being so M.I.A this past month. Im sorry, forgive me!!! But guess what, I am back and Im excited to share some more posts for you guys! Including this one. Now lets get to it.

Alright so 2 things I am loving this S P R I N G, Off the shoulder tops and stripes. I can’t get enough. It is so easy to pair with so many things. They make an outfit look so chic I am in love. Im so for all the trends this year, especially during spring time, it makes me want to shop for color more lol. So these are just 2 outfits I threw together. Clothing pieces that will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe during this time of year. Including some floral which you’ll be seeing in Pt. 2 soon! Enjoy!!


Outfit Details


Jeans//Old Navy

Sandals//Random shoe store lol

Bracelets// Alex and Ani

Outfit Details


Booties//Nordstrom Rack



Happiness. What is happiness? Well honestly sometimes I can’t figure that part out either. We are all human and there are days where we can’t always see the positive side of things and be happy all the time. But there are ways we can change that. Now to me when ever I am having the worst day/week or even month, sometimes, I try and do things that do make me happy. For example, as some of you may know I am a Disney freak lol. I’m an annual pass holder so I have the ability to go whenever I want. Disneyland just makes me happy. Spending a whole day there with my friends, having a good time, is what I love. Other things like taking the day to go down to LA or SD, going to concerts, having a girls day with my friends, spending time with my family, whatever it is that can bring me out of that state of mind. Now I’m not saying these are the things you have to do. But doing things that make YOU happy. At the end of the day your happiness and health are what matter the most. If being by yourself taking a day for just you is what you need, then do it. Who cares. If people call you selfish because of it, then what are they doing in your life? Surround yourself with a great group of people that lift you up not bring you down. As we grow older sometimes that group shrinks and 8 friends become 4 and thats okay. I know we’ve all heard the saying “I’d rather have 3 real friends than 6 fake ones”. If you have someone who just constantly brings negativity every time you hang out with them, then don’t be afraid to let them go. You will learn that be-friending certain people is what’s best for you. If you are stuck and feel like there’s nobody out there who will listen don’t be afraid to reach out to those who will. I know this post is so random, but I’ve had this written down for so long and I just wanted to post something that can relate to anyone. Im one of those people who will sit down and listen to anything. I love being there for my friends and family when they need me and they are definitely there for me when I need them the most. Whoever reads this I hope it helps you in any way.


As Valentines Day is approaching I thought I’d give you guys an outfit idea, including a little hair and makeup tutorial. Even though I’ll be spending the day at work then coming home and probably eating pizza and watching a movie all by myself lol. But this is for those who will be going out with their loved ones! This is just a little inspiration for you. I hope you enjoy this little post and have an amazing Valentines Day!❤️


Disclosure: This post is kindly sponsored by Forever21. All opinions are my own.

Forever21 gave me the opportunity to pick out a few clothing pieces to show and review for you guys! I can’t believe I get to write about this. Since starting my blog a couple months ago I do some fashion posts and if you haven’t caught on Forever21 is literally mentioned In all my outfit details lol. I can’t help it. Literally 90% of my closet is filled with clothes from Forever21. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. All of their clothes are seriously made with good quality. They are so affordable and they do sizes for all body types which I absolutely love. The clothing items they sent me are pieces from their plus size section, and they are all found in the new arrivals! The clothes from that line are so roomy and comfortable, especially their jeans. It makes me love to wear jeans because I usually hate it lol. I am so extremely grateful to have had this opportunity. It is seriously a dream to have your favorite clothing company reach out to you to collab. So THANK YOU Forever21. I hope you guys enjoy my first post of 2017! This is just the beginning and I can not wait to see what this year has in store.


Outfit #1. This dress was so comfortable. Its a body con dress which I usually wouldn’t go for because of the fit of them but this one hugged my curves in all the right places. I love the cutout piece in the front trend right now it is so flattering. It is the perfect night out kind of dress, I love it.


Outfit #2. This body suite. I fell in love with the way the body suit fits. Again with the open front style, I’m obsessed with it. I didn’t find troubles finding a bra that wouldn’t be seen. It wasn’t too tight nor was it too baggy. I loved it.


Outfit #3. This probably one of my favorite casual outfits. I love band t-shirts. This Jimmy Hendrix one is flowy and so soft. I paired with the cream cardigan they sent me. This cardigan is also so soft and the fabric quality is amazing.


Outfit #4. Another casual comfy outfit. The distressed shirts are another trend I love. This one is oversized and so incredibly soft. I paired it with the jeans that they sent. They’re stretchy and fit in all the right places.


Outfit #5. Once again wearing those blue jeans. I wore them with another shirt from the plus size range. Like I said these jeans are so comfy. They fit so well and they’re actually high waisted which I like.